dimecres, 3 de juny de 2015

Defence Budget Guiding principles, objectives, and distribution in time

In order for any kind of policy to be credible, it must come hand in hand with the corresponding draft budget. This is also the case with defence policy, which as already proven in our latest document, in no way is contrary to welfare policies. This mantra, repeated to death by the Pacifist lobby, is only true when the defence budgets are not properly managed. As we are aware, countries like Norway or Denmark have much larger defence budgets than the Kingdom of Spain while enjoying an enviable welfare state. As a result, as in any area where public funds are invested, one has to ensure that management is rational in planning and effective when it comes to implementation. We must also say that this document is a brief guiding summary of our larger, more detailed, papers on each of the branches of the CDF (Catalan Defence Forces). One must take into account, though, that a reflective reading of the documents “A strategic analysis” and “Military doctrine: development of our own model” is essential to understand this paper. These two documents “support” those dealing with the dimensions of the Naval Force, the Air Force, the Army, the Common Services, and the Reserve (the latter two yet to be published).